Things to consider including when reviewing your contract

  • Hourly taxable rate
  • M&I rate
  • Housing stipend amount or housing provided (including location)
  • Travel reimbursement and date of reimbursement
  • License reimbursement and date of reimbursement
  • Rate of pay between 36 and 40 hours (if is a 36 hour/week contract)
  • Overtime pay (over 40 hours)
  • On callĀ  rate(if applicable)
  • Call back rate (if applicable)
  • Rate of pay during orientation
  • Holiday rate (and dates of holiday)
  • Bonus money and date of reimbursement
  • Longevity bonus and date of reimbursement
  • Penalties for hours/shifts cancelled by hospital
  • Penalties for calling in sick
  • Penalties for early termination
  • Insurance benefits and date of effectiveness
  • CE reimbursement
  • Certification reimbursements, including ACLS, PALS, CPR, etc.
  • Reimbursements for annual physical and related tests (fit test, PPD test, etc.)
  • Car rental reimbursement
  • Parking reimbursement (hospital and apt if applicable)
  • Pay for pre-hospital paperwork (modules etc.)
  • Name of hospital (s) and specific location
  • Shift
  • Unit assigned
  • Floating agreement (which units and/or hospitals)
  • Guaranteed hours or cancellation policy (# of shifts per contract).
  • On call requirements
  • Start and end dates
  • Length of orientation
  • Time off requested
  • Block scheduling or scheduling requests (if requested and agreed upon during interview)
  • Dress code
ADDITIONAL: Some nurses feel very strongly about PBDS testing, and will include that no PBDS is required for this assignment per the hospital, and that all requirements are disclosed prior to accepting the offer.

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