Questions to ask Nurse Manager (NM) during interview

Questions to ask Nurse Manager (NM) during interview

After the NM is done asking all their questions for the interview, if these questions have not been addressed, politely ask these questions (or ones appropriate to you).

Basic Information

  • Start date
  • Shift
  • On Call requirements
  • Unit or floor
  • Length of assignment
  • Number of hours/week
  • Confirm time off required and other scheduling requests (i.e. block scheduling).

Patient Care Issues

  • Nurse to pt ratio
  • Number of beds on unit
  • Number of beds in hospital
  • Number of LPN’s, CNA’s, tech’s, clerks
  • Duties of above staff
  • Number and type of ancillary staff, i.e. RRT’s, ST, OT, PT
  • Medication Dispensing system
  • Medication bar code scanning/charting
  • Charting system: paper, EMR system


  • Length of orientation
  • How much classroom and how much unit/floor specific
  • Any testing requirements pass/fail, specifically med tests, arrhythmias, PBDS testing (or anything specific to your area)
  • Any modules to complete prior to orientation

Floating Policy

  • Number of facilities (hospitals) I will be expected to float to
  • Float to what units/floors
  • Estimate of how often I will float
  • Float in rotation with perm staff or do travelers always float first?
  • Will I receive orientation to units/floors I float to, and if so, how much?

Cancellation Policy

  • Are hours guaranteed? If no, how often can I be cancelled?
  • Are travelers called off in rotation with perm staff?
  • If cancelled for a shift and hours are guaranteed, will I have to make up a shift later in the week if offered to get my guaranteed hours?
  • Will I have to be on call if cancelled?
  • How far in advance of scheduled shift will I be cancelled?
  • How many shifts have you cancelled travelers in the past 30 days?
  • Traveler History
  • Number of travelers on unit (in relation to number of staff).
  • Why is the need for a traveler now?
  • Do travelers ever extend/renew their contract?
  • Have you ever cancelled a traveler and if so, why?


  • What is your staff retention rate?
  • Parking: where and cost
  • Uniform: color and do they supply??
  • Possibility of overtime
  • Housing/RV parks around the area

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